Helping survivors heal the wounds
that can't be seen.

  • sharon
    The monthly Survivors with Voices meetings allows me to continue in my healing process and possibly help someone else that has been hurt. By sharing our testimonies, we as a body can experience the cleansing that is needed for us to walk upright in the authenticity of who God created us to be and go forward and be good disciples of His Word.  We are proof that where 2 or 3 are gathered there He is in the midst.  Healing and Wholeness cannot take place without His grace, mercy and healing touch. I thank God for Alissa R. Jones and her vision to help others heal from the devastation of hurt, harm and pain because had she not heeded that still small voice, we would all still be stuck in our own madness and chaos.
    Sharon Cowling
    Survivors with Voices Member
  • carolyn
    Agreeing to be a Chapter President and bringing Survivor’s With Voices to Philadelphia has been one of the best decisions I’ve made not only for my own growth as a survivor but for the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. I have been known around the city for spreading the word of my own ministry Magnify Your Essence which helps one to discover the journey towards their true selves. And, while doing this I’ve come to learn that for many people being a survivor is part of their story. I know it has been mine. SWV has been a way to provide a platform for those who are ready to embark on their own journey of being a Survivor with a Voice and to removing the masks that hides who we truly are. The monthly meeting topics and full support brought to us by Founder, Alissa Jones and Chief Leaderologist Lou Hughes are very insightful, beneficial and life altering. Not only do the topics sheds light on survivors but it has been a way to gather and learn from one another’s triumphs. It’s the victories that gives others hope and strength through the testimonies like learning to trust, walking in your own happiness, and Learning to love after being broken are just a few of the topics. Being a survivor is never an easy topic to talk about but each month it becomes clearer and easier to understand the power that each one of us possesses. I am grateful for being part of this wonderful supportive SWV family, for bringing this platform to my city and I will celebrate the day when this conversation can be had in every city, in every state that being a Survivor makes you a Victor…it makes you…YOU!
    Carolyn Wilson
    Philadelphia, Chapter President, Philadelphia, Chapter President Survivors with Voices Foundation
  • tara
    I can truly say you are definitely a gem. I truly thank God for allowing you to heal, overcome and operate in the gift God has given you to be the “VOICE” for those survivors. I thank you for unlocking my voice. Since I have been attending the monthly meeting, I have grown in so many ways, True healing. It means a lot to be in the presence of others who are survivors or going through and to be surrounded by those that can uplift, motivate, pray, encourage and give great inspiration is a great place to be. The monthly meetings provide an outlet to be able to release, get refueled and also be a blessing to others. Alissa has taken on a task not many will do without getting a paycheck. Alissa truly has a heart of forgiveness and helping others to that place of healing. I would encourage others to attend the meetings because what happens in the meetings, you CAN’T read in a book and get it all. What’s even better, is Alissa doesn’t pretend to be perfect or nothing has affected her. Her transparency and effectiveness to communicate and present wealthy information as well as her team of chapter presidents and leaders. The other great things about the monthly meetings, is that Alissa doesn’t just focus on one aspect of survivors, but a multitude of issues that people have survived from. I’m glad I made the choice to attend and continue to be supportive of The Survivor’s With Voices monthly meetings.
    Tara Joseph
    Survivors with Voices Member
  • andrea
    The Houston Chapter of Survivors With Voices gives us a safe place to remove our mask, make-up, supporting role actress smiles, and get down to the real, the ugly things of our past.  The meetings allow us to pour life-changing balm on our wounds, so they can heal properly.  The scars will still be there, but rather than being ashamed of them, we have voices of empowerment to share our stories with others to pay it forward, so they can heal as well.  It is a wonderful support group in and outside of the meeting.  It cultivates healthy relationships as we strengthen each other.  It helps you to know, you are not along as we overcome the physical, mental, physical abuse, as well as debilitating illnesses that can also leave scares.  I don’t know where I would be without Survivors With Voices!! 
    Andrea Eason
    Survivors With Voices Member

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