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S.W.V. is vastly developing. Programs and services are currently underway to extend resources, counseling, and mentorship to women that are victims of violent crime, mental-physical abuse, and life-after hardships of abuse and its many forms to women; young and old. The S.W.V Foundation provides support, mentorship and counseling via survivor to survivor. We help women overcome the seen and unseen scars that unfortunately come with an abusive and/or present situation. We provide an open forum for women to voice their trials and survival from abuse.

Our mission is to help, motivate, and inspire one another to overcome, forgive, and heal. S.W.V., provides continuous supportive services for its members. We strive on the notion that, we may be used and abused; but we are not all used up. Join the S.W.V. Foundation, help to change the lives of many stifled women that are burdened with the seen and unseen scars of abuse. Share your story heal and encourage others to take back their lives.



We are always looking for groups, organizations, businesses, and individuals who share in our common mission. If you would like to partner with us, please fill out the contact form below.

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