SWV Publishing

S.W.V. Publishing was created to help survivors share their story with the world. We have over ten years of experience in the publishing industry. We are a company dedicated to helping women overcome adversities through a speaking voice. It doesn't matter what the obstacle, we want to hear yoru story. We feel that a woman's strength comes, not only from overcoming obstacles, but also from beling able to speak about it to help others.

These experiences strengthen the women of Survivors with Voices and readers as well. Your words, your journey, your story -- you never know who you may inspire of help to come forward in the expression of one's abuse or recovery thereof.

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A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

By: Alissa R. Jones

TAKEN FROM THE WOMAN'S COMPILATION THE JOURNEY, 11 woman… 11 stories of extraordinary recovery, survival, and testimony’s of healing:Read and be encouraged.


The Stones That Built Me Strong

By: Alissa R. Jones

Are you holding on to something you need to let go of?
Have you ever felt like all the odds are against you to succeed?
Have you ever felt like you fell in love with the wrong person?

Alissa R. Jones came up against these questions at life's most trying moments. She learned that what was once a negative, and a hurtful stone, can turn into a positive one. She realized sometimes God places these obstacles and trials before us to humble us, and prepare us for what He truly has in store for us. With each stone thrown at her, Alissa has come to know peace, understanding and forgiveness. Through all the stones, she became to understand God never left her nor has forsaken her. She wants to share this powerful message to help survivors overcome their hurtful stones and understand how hurtful stones can build you strong. You, too, can turn your hurtful stones from your past into stepping stones for success!