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Abused and Used, But Not Used Up! : The Alissa Jones Story

Often times when we are hurt during life, we may be abused and used; but we must remember that though we experience these travesty’s we are not used up. We must learn and understand the power of forgiveness only then can we heal our open wounds. The power of forgiveness can change your life tremendously.

When someone is abused as a child, they grow up with the mental and physical pain of abuse, they tend to struggle socially, emotionally, and mentally. Many that are silenced due, to abuse hold in the anger of its happenings and it has a huge influence on the relationships they build with others. We as the abused often feel alone, and helpless, even abandoned due to the lack of help, and support. I myself, fought with this secret and kept quiet for 23 years.

My testimony begins at the age of 11. I was abused by a man that my mother let rent the basement. My mother was at the point in her life where she went through a divorce and struggled with the fear of financial instability. Sadly, she opened the door to a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The man that rented a room in my home became my biggest fear. When I was introduced to this man I was told to call him. “Uncle Roger.”

He started buying me gifts and to thank him I was asked to sit on his lap. At that age I wasn't accustomed to trickery or unsavory conduct. So called, “Uncle Roger,” was taking advantage of my innocence. He began kissing me on the cheek then as time went by he started missing my cheek kissing me on my mouth.

For months I spent most of my after school time trying to avoid him; but he would only creep upstairs and find me. It progressed to making me perform oral sex then finally invading my innocence taking my virginity, with making me have intercourse with him on a regular. It got to the point where I hated to come home from school.

After months of enduring the intrusion of my body I was to the point where I was fed up. Feeling that I couldn't talk to my mom and feeling if I told anyone I would be the blame. My mom and dad just went through a divorce so she tried to shelter me from him so I just didn't feel I had anyone to run to with this pain. I had thoughts of just ending the nightmare by taking my life; and even though I tried. God wouldn't let that be my fate. I finally opened up to a friend named Guyia Wilson who was stronger than me at that time and realized that I should not endure this any longer. It’s amazing how God steps in our lives in just the nick of time. Guyia spoke of the incident to our school counselor. After speaking with our counselor Mr. Scoby he phoned my mom. Just sitting there enduring the looks as he explained what he learned I knew she was furious that I came forward, I felt as though I were to blame for the abuse and felt regretful about saying anything.

It was rather bittersweet however, because I felt a sense of relief because I knew Roger wouldn't be able to hurt me any longer.

Today I stand with a new perspective-understanding that I now have purpose to share my story & encourage others to use their voice to heal.


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S.W.V. not only provides a platform for those abused to commune, we provide an outlet in which their voices may be heard; through written and spoken communication. There is a life after abuse. We may be used and abused, but never used up.

When a situation presents itself in life and it is unpleasant, often the best way to heal from it, is to tell others. We are excited to be able to bring this opportunity to you. S.W.V Publishing is looking to bring these healing stories to everyone.

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